GET FIT BY PETE services include One to One Personal Training, Remote Coaching and Sports Massage Treatments.


Achieve your ambitions

Personal Training

Is usually performed in a gymnasium or at an outdoor active location (park, athletics track).

Each GET FIT BY PETE Personal Training session is about building a strong core and foundation to empower your body to move as it is designed to. For a busy lifestyle.


Train where you like

Remote Coaching

The GET FIT BY PETE Remote Coaching sessions are performed online, within the comfort of your own home or favourite exercise location. These can be live sessions, or fortnightly or monthly check-in sessions.

This is about client education and making sure they can also train independently if they need to.


Recovery feels good

Sports Massage

The GET FIT BY PETE Sports Massage Treatment is performed at a private location of your choosing (Home, Office, etc…). Pete arrives at your location with a massage table, oils and supplies, ready to spoil you with extremely high-quality treatment.

So are you ready to be spoiled?!?

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