Want to train with a professional coach, but can’t get to the gym?

Online Coaching could be the solution to supercharge your training!

What is Remote Coaching?

Once you have a foundation of movement, remote coaching is often a big step forward in your training. It opens up an option for an individual as it is not dependent on a physically co-located coach… delivered in a convenient way and at a convenient time, meeting the busy schedules of both the individual and the coach.

It is the most  cost-effective personal approach to your fitness plan.

How do you work?

GET FIT BY PETE works with remote clients via the TrueCoach app and we maintain daily contact via WhatsApp messages.

The programs are designed and revised on a weekly basis and they will be delivered to you every Sunday before the start of a new week.

You will also receive weekly feedback based on your performance and an outline of the things to focus on for the week ahead.

There will be a monthly call of approximately 30 minutes so we can discuss and assess where you are currently and what you need to do going forwards.

In addition to the above, Pete will be available to answer any questions or queries that you submit through WhatsApp.

Remote coaching plans start from £90 / month.

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