Why I Should Train

You should train and exercise your body for a multitude of beneficial reasons, including; health, lifestyle, vitality, biochemistry, strength and flexibility.

Why do I train?

To me it all started about twelve years ago when I stepped to the gym as a first time simply because I wanted to gain more confidence, build some muscles, look better. Today is more about how I feel than just look, it is a way of living rather than a part time hobby of three months challenge to get my beach body before a summer holiday, it is a big part of who I am and I do it so regularly as brushing my teeth everyday in the morning.

When is the best time to train?

Staying fit is a challenge for many people regardless of the weather, time of the day or environment you live in. Generally speaking mornings are better to train because you are more likely with more energy , focus and optimism plus, after a morning workout you are more likely to eat healthy and stay active throughout the day. Also coller environment is better for athletic performance because it reduces the heat stress on the body so there is less chance you will overheat or get dehydrated. Both of these are enemies of a good workout.

How do I get into a routine?

Life happens, stress comes and goes and busy schedules can mess up your routine so perhaps planning your trainings short but more frequently could be a good idea. A 20 minutes interval training on a rowing machine or maybe a combination of 4 different exercises combined into a circuit training could your go to. Those are not the only way to get you in best possible shape but could be a way to get you started.

How often should I train?

Routine is everything. When you choose fitness as a way of living you will probably get where you want to be. It can get you out in the world, meet new people, reduce any negative feelings about body image and leave sweaty on the floor ;) it might just take a bit of time.. it has been a long journey for me personally and I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

Where can I find the motivation to train?

Usually, motivation comes when you see the results. Find sport or activities that you enjoy, then vary the routine to keep it interesting, and make it fun.
You can hire a personal trainer. They will provide support, accountability, education and a personal plan of attack so you may find working with one well worth the investment.

Do you need someone to help guide you through your journey?

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About the author : Peter Chlopek

Personal Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. GET FIT BY PETE was launched by Peter Chlopek (Pete) in February of 2012 as an innovative new Personal Training Brand.